Save your boat and keep it looking its best.  We will come to you and shrink-wrap your boat. It may sound strange, and it likely looks bizarre too for someone who hasn’t seen it before, but professional shrink-wrapping is the truly ultimate way to protect your boat while not in use. 

You might be thinking to yourself, “I already have a tarp I can throw over the boat, what’s the difference?” Good question. While a tarp may help your boat resist some of the effects of rain and snow, it’s far inferior to shrink-wrap. A tarp can't be tightly secured the way shrink wrap can and it still let's in dust and moisture, and enables pests easier access. It also is liable to tear in high wind, such as experienced when transporting a boat, and can be damaged over time by sun exposure or heavy amounts of snow or rain.

Shrink-wrap is tougher and fits far tighter around the boat, reducing that risk of tears a tarp might have. Many shrink-wrap materials also have UV inhibitors to combat sun damage and maintain stable temperatures within the seal. The tight seal delivers better protection against sun, weather and pests, and the inclusion of Damp-rid and ventilation allow for more moisture control.

Shrink-wrap is overall a superior option that delivers a far greater protection than a tarp can. Shrink-wrapping is not an easy job, but give us a call, North Kent Mobile Marine will come to you and take good care of you and your boat.

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